About Me…

My name is Tristian Cheshier, and I am a student from the outskirts of Minneapolis,IMG_3593 Minnesota. I am currently studying network administration, with the hopes of working in the information security field. I like to spend my free time playing fetch with my dog, experimenting with my home lab, reading books & articles and listening to music.

Why am I making this website?:

This website is a way for me to organize what I learn and find interesting in an easy to understand format. So beginners like myself can hopefully learn and get excited about the information security and technology field.



About the Website…

Content goal:

My goal for the content is to study the latest information security and technology news, then pick out the fundamentals associated with the topic, and most importantly explain those fundamentals in an interesting, concise and easy to digest format.

Why the focus on fundamentals?:

The reason I chose to work on the fundamentals is so beginners like myself would be able to fill any gaps necessary to truly understand what is happening in the ever-shifting landscape of technology and security news.


Thanks for stopping by



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